We’re thrilled to embark on an epic fundraising project, aiming to raise funds for the installation of a State-Of-The-Art Synthetic Green at Mosman Park Bowling Club.

As we set our sights on May/June 2024, we’re rallying the community to join hands in raising $100,000 to make this transformative project a reality. We currently – 30th Dec 2023 – Sit at $30,000 and thank those who have donated so far. 

Why a Synthetic Green?

Mosman Park Bowling Club has long been known for its lush natural grass greens. However, the time has come to embrace innovation and elevate our playing experience to new heights. A synthetic green promises year-round playability, weather resilience, and a level of consistency that will empower our players to thrive in every season.

Our Vision: More Than Just Bowling

This project isn’t just about upgrading our playing surface; it’s about shaping the future of our club as a vibrant community hub. Beyond bowling, the synthetic green opens doors to a world of possibilities—be it hosting diverse events, attracting a broader demographic, or introducing new revenue streams that will sustain our beloved club for generations to come.

The Countdown Begins: May/June 2024

We’re setting our sights on a dynamic future, and the countdown to the installation of our synthetic green has begun. The target is clear: $100,000. With your support and various fundraising events, we’re very confident that we can achieve this milestone and unlock a new era for Mosman Park Bowling Club.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Donate Today: Every contribution, big or small, takes us one step closer to our goal. Visit our donation link to make a secure online contribution and be recognised as a key supporter of this transformative project.

Spread the Word: Share our vision with friends, family, and colleagues. The more people who join our cause, the closer we get to our fundraising target.

Get Involved: Volunteer your time and skills. Whether it’s organising events, reaching out to potential donors, or assisting with campaign activities, your involvement is invaluable.

Join Us on this Journey:

Mosman Park Bowling Club has always been more than just a sports venue; it’s a community, a family. Now, as we aim to embrace the future with a synthetic green, we invite you to be a part of this exciting chapter. Together, let’s create a legacy that enhances not only our bowling experience but also the fabric of our community.

Stay tuned for updates, events, and milestones as we march toward May/June 2024.

Thank you for being a part of the future of Mosman Park Bowling Club!

Donate Now and Let’s Roll into a New Era!